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Bubble-Plate Vodka


Madame Jennifer Bubble-Plate Vodka has a smooth creamy character and a hint of caramel.


Made with 100% English wheat spirit, nothing else added.


During distillation, our English wheat spirit evaporates and passes through each of the six copper bubble-plates in turn. Each time the gas passes through a bubble-plate, it condenses back to a liquid and drips back down the still column. Only the cleanest of spirits make it to the top of the sixth bubble-plate. This is collected to make our exceptionally smooth vodka.


Pair with Madame Jennifer Cold-Brew Coffee Liqueur for an amazing Espresso Martini!

Gin of Paradise

Sussex Dry Gin    45%abv

Gin of Paradise celebrates "Grains of Paradise". A distinct spice from the West African coast. Named after their mythical origins in the Garden of Eden, the citrusy-peppery spice enhances all the botanical flavours and adds a tingly warmth. Distilled with Sweet Almonds for body and sweetness, this rich, opulent gin has a big flavour and is slightly stronger at 45% abv.


Juniper berries, Coriander seeds, Grains of Paradise, Sweet Almonds, Lemon peel and Orris root.

Perfect Serve:

Perfectly matched with a premium or aromatic tonic and a slice of lemon.

The Biologist

Sussex Dry Gin    42%abv

A bright lively citrus gin. Grapefruit peel is vapour distilled to capture the fresh flavour. Delicate floral essences from Chamomile and Gorse flowers combine with Juniper berries and Coriander seeds for a smooth clean finish. Cinnamon adds a little spice!


Juniper berries, Coriander seeds, Orris root, Gorse flower, Chamomile, Grapefruit zest, Cinnamon and Sweet Orange peel.

Perfect Serve:

Perfect for a refreshing G&T, the grapefruit citrus zestiness of The Biologist shines through even the strongest flavour tonic. We suggest a Light Indian or Mediterranean tonic water with a garnish of pink grapefruit or orange. 

The Chemist

Sussex Dry Gin   42%abv

A smooth, balanced, complex gin. Earthy layers and citrus top notes are complemented by a liquorice sweetness. The botanicals are gently vapour distilled in a series of batches for a complex warm flavour. Chamomile and Gorse give flavour depth with Sweet Orange and Lemon zest top notes. Natural Liquorice Root gives balance without being too strong. 


Juniper berries, Coriander seeds, Orris root, Angelica root, Gorse flower, Chamomile, Liquorice root, Lemon and Sweet Orange peel.

Perfect Serve:

Ideal for sipping, a G&T, and makes an excellent Martini. 

Serve with Indian, Earl Grey or Aromatic tonic water, and garnish with blood orange and lemon.

Miniature Gift Set

This perfect little set of four miniatures, choose from: The Biologist, The Chemist, Gin of Paradise, Coffee Liqueur, and Bubble-Plate vodka. Makes a great gift and a fantastic way to try our products! 

Serra da Canastra, Brazil

Cold-Brew Coffee Liqueur

 Deliciously smooth with a mellow sweetness.

We have worked with local coffee experts at 44 Poets Speciality Coffee to find the perfect ethically sourced coffee, and identify the perfect extraction process for this smooth liqueur. Their shop is in Poets' Corner, Hove. Just around the corner from the distillery!

Paulo Henrique Cruz has a small coffee farm in the mountainous Serra da Canastra micro-region, nestled between the large coffee regions in Brazil. We've used the Yellow Icatu variety from his farm, grown at 1185 meters altitude and prepared using natural processes. 

The coffee beans are expertly roasted by Craft House Coffee a speciality small-batch coffee roaster, based just outside of Brighton. Accurately ground for our special 20-hour cold-brew extraction method to produce a mellow, less bitter coffee taste. Blended with distilled English wheat spirit and Demerara sugar syrup for a refined, smooth liqueur.

Drink neat, over ice, in an Espresso Martini, or it makes an amazing Tiramisu! 


27% abv


Madame Jennifer's

It's amazingly lemony! 

The zest from organic lemons is slowly steeped in English wheat spirit to release the delicious essential oils. The zesty spirit is then mixed with sugar and pure water to find the perfect bittersweet balance. 

The organic lemons are hand peeled, ensuring that we get only the zest and none of the bitter pith. Therefore, we have to add less sugar so it is not sticky-sweet but wonderfully balanced.


27% abv

Limited editions

Christmas Gin

2020 Christmas Gin is on its way!


Our first Christmas gin, launched for Christmas 2018, proved to be very popular! Distilled with loads of sweet and bitter orange, nutmeg, cinnamon coriander and allspice. This is an opulent and warming gin with hints of Christmas cake, Christmas pudding and mulled wine!

Often described as "Christmas in a bottle", it is bottled at 43% abv to hold in all the orange flavour, and makes a lovely winter G&T.

Sloe Gin

Sussex Liqueur

This recipe has been perfected over 20 years! 

We've always been disappointed in the sloe gins available in the shops, they've never matched up to our recipe! So we've stuck to that for Madame Jennifer Sloe Gin. 

Hand-picked Sussex sloes are infused over many months. Most sloe gins are at about 25% abv. Ours is a hearty 40% so it's very warming and not too sweet. 

 The 2020 batch is coming along well!

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