Welcome to Madame Jennifer Distillery. We are Inger & Ian who originally trained as a biologist and chemist and are putting our science skills to new uses.


Inspired by a book on craft distilling and a 2016 trip to the oldest distillery in Amsterdam we wondered if it was possible to create a small distillery of our own.

In 2018 after lots of research we opened Madame Jennifer Distillery in Poets Corner, Hove. 

"When we first started developing gin recipes we realised pretty quickly that we had quite different ideas of what makes a perfect gin. So we ended up with two gins, 'The Chemist' and 'The Biologist' named after us!"

The distillery and our range of products have expanded since 2018 with the introduction of liqueurs and a vodka. 

In 1736 the Gin Act made selling gin prohibitively expensive and mourning processions mocked the death of ‘Madame Geneva’. As gin once again rises in popularity we named our distillery ‘Madame Jennifer’ to toast the gin renaissance.

© 2019 Madame Jennifer Distillery. "Madame Jennifer" is a registered trademark of Madame Jennifer Distillery Ltd. 

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