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Decaf Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur

Decaf Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur


Cold brewed, naturally decaffeinated coffee liqueur.


We have worked with local coffee supplier Craft House Coffee to source a naturally decaffeinated, yet delicious coffee. 


Produced by Partners in Sucafina in Colombia, Tumbaga is a beautiful coffee which is bright and full of flavour but won't keep you awake at night. The sugar cane decaffeination process uses a natural byproduct of sugar production to extract the caffeine from the coffee beans. 


Expertly roasted and ground in the UK. Our special 20 hour cold brew extraction method produces a mellow, less bitter coffee taste. Blended with distilled English wheat spirit and Demerara sugar syrup for a refined, smooth liqueur.


Perfect serve:

Drink neat, over ice, in an Espresso Martini, or it makes an amazing Tiramisu!


Available in 500ml and 200ml bottles.

27% ABV

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