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Christmas Day Set

Christmas Day Set


Perfect for Christmas Day!


A 200ml bottle of Christmas Gin with a 200ml bottle of Sloe Gin Sussex Liqueur.


Often described as "Christmas in a bottle", our Christmas Gin is bottled at 43% abv to hold in all the orange flavour. It makes a lovely winter G&T, a great negroni or add it to any warmed fruit juice for an alternative to mulled wine.


 hand-picked sloes from the Sussex countryside are used in our Sloe Gin. These are then infused over many months in a gin that we have specially distilled for the job. Sugar is added to offset the bitterness of the sloes, allowing their rich fruity flavour to come out. Most sloe gins are at about 25% abv. Ours is a hearty 40% abv so it's very warming and not too sweet. 

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