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Madame Jennifer’s Amaro


Amaro is a bitter-sweet herbal liqueur used in many cocktail recipes. 


“Amaro” is Italian for bitter. Amari (the plural) are a family of liqueurs that originate from Italy where the recipes are closely guarded secrets. Some of these are well known names like Campari and Aperol. 


Combined with gin and sweet vermouth for the classic Negroni recipe, it can be drunk with soda or sipped neat as an after-dinner digestif. 


Madame Jennifer’s Amaro is created from a unique blend of 14 distinct botanicals. Made in small batches using English wheat spirit and pure cane sugar at Madame Jennifer Distillery in Hove. 


Less sweet than many similar products, the herbal complexity makes this a fantastic addition to your cocktail cabinet. 


25% abv

Available in 200ml and 500ml sizes

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