Tonic Taster Kit

Tonic Taster Kit


The Tonic Taster Kit contains a 200ml bottle of one of our classic gins, and 4 different 150ml cans of Folkingtons mixers. Try experimenting with different mixers to see how the flavours change. Available with The Chemist, The Biologist or Gin of Paradise.


Dry Ginger Ale made from West African Ginger Root and blended with carefully selected botanical extracts made in small batches.


Earl Grey tonic water contains bergamot, the essential Earl Grey ingredient blending the oil from the fruit with a little black tea produces a wonderful smokey finish to a G&T.


Perfectly Light Indian Tonic water has 33% fewer calories while still containing the natural quinine (from India) and other small batch citrus and floral botanicals of


English Garden Tonic Water is a unique twist on Indian tonic water and is made with herbal botanicals from the typical English garden.


42% ABV Biologist and Chemist

45% ABV Gin of Paradise


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